Laaer Wald
5. December 2017



The Construction

On the ground and first floor gastronomy and retail spaces are being planned. Above those separate serviced apartments, including a reception area on the 1st floor, will be created. There will be approximately 145 parking spaces provided in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd basement floors. As an attractive eye-catcher and additional source of illumination, an atrium from the first floor down to the ground floor is planned, as well as light shafts from the ground floor to the first basement floor as an additional source of light.


Due to its proximity to the new main railway station, Favoritenstraße / Landgutgasse, the TLAPA building is very conveniently located. New housing will be created around the new central station, creating many new consumer groups and adding to the value of the area. From the main railway station, you will be able to reach the former TLAPA building on foot via Favoritenstraße in a few minutes. By car, you only turn once from Laxenburgerstraße to Landgutgasse. Favoritenstraße is one of Vienna's most popular shopping miles. The pedestrian zone is interrupted by cozy places that give the street its special charm. The square Columbusplatz, which is located in immediate proximity to the former TLAPA building, also benefits from these sociable spots and often hosts larger groups. The multilevel TLAPA building is clearly visible from the square and hosts one of the few shopping centres in the area. Just around the corner, the frequented Landgutgasse passes the building. Thanks to the elaborate and modern facade, the complex clearly stands out from its surroundings. In addition, the underground parking lot offers ideal conditions for daily shopping as well as arrival and departure from and to the serviced apartments. Furthermore, a loading area and a load lift are located on the roadside outside the building.


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